All products have different delivery times, which you can conveniently find in our product descriptions. The delivery time for your order depends on whether the product you ordered is in stock or whether we have to order it from the manufacturer.

The meaning of the notes:

“IN STOCK” – in this case your order will be delivered within 1–3 business days and you won’t have to wait long for your favourite products!

“DELIVERY 1-2 WEEKS” – the expected time on the product card during which your order will reach you. In this case, we need to produce the product and/or the product is already in the Estonian warehouse and it just takes a little more time.

“DELIVERY IN 2–8 WEEKS” – the estimated time on the product card. In this case, we have to order the product from the manufacturer and it takes a little longer. Delivery in 2–8 weeks includes:

  • the production time of the order by the manufacturer
  • the time it takes for the order to arrive at our warehouse
  • the time it takes for it to reach you.

We promise that we will ship your product as soon as it arrives at our warehouse! You can be sure we won’t keep it to ourselves for long. Whenever possible, we always try to shorten delivery times to get your products to you quickly!



  • self pick-up (LedEkspert store, Tallinn) – 0 €
  • Omniva, Itella parcel terminal – 4,99 €
  • Omniva courier – 9,99 €



  • self pick-up (LedEkspert store, Tallinn) – 0 €
  • Itella parcel terminal – 14,99 €
  • post office 19,99 €
  • courier – 29,99 €



  • self pick-up (LedEkspert store, Tallinn) – 0 €
  • Omniva parcel terminal – 14,99 €
  • courier – 24,99 €



  • self pick-up (LedEkspert store, Tallinn) – 0 €
  • courier – 44,99 €